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Jim Murphy

Jim Murphy

Loan Officer
NMLS #2068207
Phone (603) 821-4147
Cell (603) 502-4773

Jim's Team

Rob Barry
Loan Processor | Loan Officer
Nick Doucette
Loan Analyst
Josh Dion
Loan Technician

About Jim

Originally from MA but moved to seacoast NH in 1982 and never looked back. Spent years in the Seacoast hotel and restaurant industry after getting my degree from Umass Amherst. Then spent the last 20+yrs in international semiconductor trading. During that time I’ve bought, sold, and managed condos, single family homes, multifamily homes, and even a commercial/mixed-use building.  I learned that my passion lied in Real Estate and all that it involves so in 2020 I switched it up. I got my NH real estate license and signed on with the Bean Group out of Portsmouth. Then I got my MLO license and was excited to sign on with Blue Water Mortgage Corp. Excited about helping others achieve their goals!

College/Background:  UMass Amherst Bachelors Degree (Hospitality/Business)

Last Job: Asian Atlantic Industries (semiconductor trader)

Plans at Blue Water:  Learn the biz and be successful

Favorite activity:  Anything, as long as it’s near the seashore

Do you like to travel? If so, what’s your favorite destination? HATE to fly, but it’s the only way to get to tropical resorts so whadayagonnado? Cancun was sooooooo nice .

Favorite local spot?  Don’t have a favorite to be honest.. I like them all. Tend to do 99’s a lot because my kids like it and the Bratskellar because their loaded nachos are addictive and a friend lives close.

Where do you reside?  Rye,  NH

Favorite sports teams/sport? The Pats. Brady/Gronk days are over, but I’m a lifelong fan

Something people don’t know about you?  I used to own and operate a Giffords Ice Cream stand in Rye NH called The Beach Hut. I’m scared of heights but I ziplined in Costa Rica a couple years ago.. off the bucket list!

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