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I honestly wouldn’t go elsewhere! We were looking to buy our house about 4 years ago and a friend referred us to Jason Caruso at Blue Water Mortgage. As you can imagine, it was much easier to get a mortgage then but still we (Jason) had to jump through a few hoops to get the house. It was a short sale opportunity and took months to get the approval but Jason walked us through every step and rate lock to make sure we got the best rate. I remember the moment he called to say we “were all set!”. He stuck to everytime timeline in the process. Since then, he has re-financed my father’s house twice and we just went through a re-fi ourselves. Much different than it was 4 years ago! It took much longer this time due to regulations and a VA re-fi but Jason pulled through again! Waiting for the rates to drop again so we can take advantage of the VA re-fi option. I really don’t do these testimonials often but this one is well worth it!