Your Property Rating Worksheet

If you’re like most home buyers, then chances are you’ll probably look at a few different homes before you find the one you want to buy. To help you keep track of things, it’s a good idea to jot down some notes on each house you visit. After you’ve looked at all the properties you want to see, you can then look back at your notes to help you make your decision. Our Property Rating Worksheet has helped countless home buyers make the necessary comparisons to ensure their making the right decision.

Blue Water’s Property Rating Worksheet will help you:
  • Evaluate interior amenities like # of bathrooms, # of bedrooms, square footage etc.
  • Assess exterior features such as type of siding, yard type, garage size etc.
  • Record comments on the neighborhoods, need for future renovations, local school system, positives and negatives about the property, etc.
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