Although interest rates are on the rise, it's still a great time to purchase a home. Speak with one of our expert loan officers today!

Low Rates

Thanks to historically low interest rates, this is an ideal time to consolidate debt and get some extra money in your pocket by refinancing your home. Get in touch with us to see if refinancing makes sense for you right now. Our team is plugged in and ready to help — just grab your mortgage statement and schedule a call with Blue Water today.

What is Refinancing?

Refinancing is when homeowners take out a new home loan to replace their existing one. The new loan then pays off the initial mortgage loan. Depending on your goals, refinancing your home loan can reduce your monthly payments and help you realize significant, long-term savings.

When Is It Worth Refinancing? 7 Factors to Consider

You may be asking: Should I refinance my home? Here are 7 factors you should consider if you’re thinking about whether refinancing makes sense for you:

  1. You want to take advantage of low interest rates.
  2. You have high-interest credit card debt you are looking to pay off.
  3. The equity in your home has increased and you might be able to get rid of PMI.
  4. Your financial situation has changed. Have you changed careers or received a salary increase?
  5. You’re looking to consolidate your other types of debt, like another mortgage, student loans or car loans.
  6. You’re thinking about making home improvements or repairs.
  7. Your credit has improved, meaning you may be able to get a better rate even if rates haven’t gone down.

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